We don't teach diets. We teach fat adaptation.

The Fat Adapted Athlete Training Program

~It's not just for athletes~


Please double check your phone number when booking to avoid missed appointments. Quite often I have missing numbers. 

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First minute of the electrolyte chapter from the FAAT Protocol video series. Now available on the product page. Enjoy

Who We Are

We've been there

3 years ago I made the decision to change my life. Let me share with you how I went from an overweight 267 lbs musician to a 199 lbs skinny marathon runner in about 6 months. 

After conquering my weight issues, and then learning how to run multiple marathons fasted, I then focused on Muscle, health and nutrient density. This is when I decided to focus 100% on body recomposition and get rid of all unnecessary body fat. 

I've learned how to eat with my hormonal function in mind, and to also properly feed my muscles nutrient dense choices of protein. Something many ketogenic diets fear.

We take the guess work out

After 3 years of personally training my  own body and thousands of Fat Adapted Athletes on facebook and Instagram, the process is figured out. ketosis, keto diet, low carb diet, are the new catch phrases. Learn what getting Fat Adapted is all about.

Our members don't stall like you see in the "butter groups". 

Incidentally, when those members come to us stuck in a stall, we fix their program and get them over the hump. That in itself speaks volumes. 

We don't teach you how to do this the old fashioned way

Things have changed. We don't teach you to gorge yourself with fat. We don't teach you to run on zero carbs. We don't teach you to kill yourself in the gym. We have to understand the differences between therapeutic style ketogenic diet set up for children with epilepsy or a someone with metabolic diet for Cancer or Alzheimers. Therapeutic ketosis is not what a dieter or an athlete needs.

What do we teach? A properly formulated smart protein, smart healthy fat, smart low glycemic carbohydrate, nutrient dense fat adapted diet. I say smart because many choose to "eat all the fat" and play the IIFYM game (if it fits your macros). We will teach you why this won't be sustainable. We don't support the latest fads of alcohol sugar "net carb" protein bar or the daily special magic potions hitting the market. We teach you the biology of what happens when you eat healthy food.
Trust when I say this program is for the beginner and for the person who's priority is to lose weight while getting healthy.

When the time is right, we bring the athlete out of you...If thats what you choose. 

Our job is to get you Fat Adapted, what you do with it after that is up to you. 


How this works

Step 1

Scroll down to the "book a session" section, and then pick the monthly program that best fits your needs. Each starts with a full deep dive that lasts about 1.5 hours. This will be a very involved session and will start your journey! Remember to read all the details on the session when booking (If on a cell phone, theres a little drop down that says "Read here first". This gets overlooked unless on a laptop)

Each program comes with a number of half hour follow up sessions. This will help us dial your program in, making any adjustments necessary for your complete success.

(After you  book your initial set up, go back in and schedule a 30 min session 3-4 weeks out. This will give you some accountability as well as a goal to look forward to. This section is more visible from a laptop and you may have to do a little searching for the drop down coaching session box on a phone. Its called "Prepaid")

Step 2

Pick a time on the calendar that works for you. All times are Eastern Time (US & Canada). Please use


to see what time it is in comparison to where you are in the world and book accordingly. To be clear, do not book in your time zone. All times are booked as Eastern Standard time which depending on season could be GMT-4 or GMT-5. So use the website to check before booking.  

Step 3

After you book you will get a confirmation email. Feel free to use that to send me any information on the best way to contact you. If outside the US we will have to use WhatsApp or Skype voice call. Please make sure I have your country code. 

And remember, please download the New Client Worksheet below, fill out and email back prior, so we can be ready for our first meeting. 


New Client Worksheet

The Nutrivore Method (revised 10.24.2018) (xlsx)



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